Open forum discusses handbook changes


Photo by Grace Mossing.

Sophomore Anna Schnefke looks over the student handbook at lunch to see if there are any changes that she would like to suggest.

Grace Mossing, Reporter

Extracurriculars, absences, bullying, school safety and detentions are all included in the FHS student handbook that outlines the rules of students. However, the main issue students seem to be focused on is what they can and cannot wear.

Girls and boys are restricted on the clothes they pick out for school. Such items include tank tops, crop tops, sagging pants and hats.

Recently, changes to the student handbook have been considered. The discussion began with administration and student government. Student government then felt they should open it up to whole school and invited students to a public forum on Feb. 15 in the LGI. Topics included anything from school dress code to bullying policies with an almost full meeting.

“Reasonably, I think we can expect to see some dress code changes within the next few years,” sophomore class treasurer Izzy Alexander said.

Alexander has been approached by many students wanting tank tops and hats allowed in school. Hats can be an issue because of safety reasons such as not being able to identify students in emergencies but administration is discussing ways to allow hats like beanies.

“That rule exists as a safety issue, but if, and only if, we can guarantee student safety, we might find some common ground there,” assistant principal Kyle Goodwin said.

Students have suggested many other requests outside of dress code. Some are interested in allowing blankets in school or are asking the school to unblock social media on school WiFi.

“Changes pertaining to social media and cell phone usage in classrooms will probably not be changed by administrators,” Alexander said. “School is a place to learn, not to spend on your phone.”

Administration has no major changes to the student handbook other than some additions from the dean’s office. Parents have asked for more information on Canvas to be added to the student handbook and even found a couple wording errors in the handbook that they want to correct.

The next step is agreeing on the changes that need to be made. This depends on approval from the majority of the school and administrators.

“It’s a great opportunity, every year, to revisit our policies and procedures and decide what’s best for our school,” Goodwin said. “If current practices work, no need to change them. If some practices aren’t great anymore, it’s an annual opportunity for growth and revision.”