Senior Assassin creeps up shortly


Senior peaks from behind the corner. Seniors are not permitted to tag one another “out” on school property.

Helen Rummel, Editor-in-Chief

Starting immediately after the conclusion of spring break, seniors will begin a competition best described as a modified, and wide-spread, version of tag titled “Senior assassin.”

During the last few weeks before graduation, each class of seniors has the opportunity to sign up for the activity. Every week each competitor will receive a name form the group of participating senior. This will become their target to locate over the following days. The goal is to tag targets “out” with a water gun and to defend against potential enemies. If the goal is not reached the participant is eliminated. Students cannot engage in the competition on school grounds or while students are at their jobs.

Senior Kyle Stowe helps to run the event along with seniors Thomas Brelage and Jenna Pyle. The leaders are signing participants up until the start of spring break. Stowe estimates that close to 300 seniors will join out of the roughly 800 student class. In order to communicate with everyone the group is using a Remind 101 service.

Students are allowed to defend themselves against their pursuers leaving some with possible paranoia.

“I would say it’s a bit stressful, but I also think it’s a fun game,” Stowe said. “I hope no one stressed too much over it because it is just meant to have some fun at the end of your high school career.”

Students wishing to participate can head to any of the leaders in the morning at the CCA. The registration fee is $5. The money raised during registration will be awarded to the winner of the competition. Stowe hopes to see more people engage in what he feels is a unique occasion.

“I’m glad we could find a way to do a ‘small town’ game in such a big city, so I think it would be fun for everyone who is involved,” Stowe said.