Ski club finishes winter slopes


Photo used with permission of Ben Beasley.

Seniors Makayla Palmer, Gwyn Milikin and Lauren Hege prepare to go down the slopes of the Perfect North Resort.

On the snow covered hills of Indiana in winter, students fly down the slopes. This is for ski club, a seasonal winter club.

“Although the title is a club, it really just operates as four field trips to Perfect North (Ski Resort).” Club Sponsor Ben Beasley said. The club offers trips for $85.

“We usually go (depending on weather) the first 4 Fridays in January.” Beasley said. The club takes an average of 50 students per trip. The trips last until 11 pm on Friday nights.

The trips take place at Perfect North Slopes in Lawrenceburg, one of only two ski resorts in Indiana. According to their website, Perfect North Slopes has a peak elevation of 800 feet, and an average snowfall of 18 inches per year. Perfect North Slopes has ski runs for veterans and beginners, making the club beginner friendly. You can contact club sponsors Ben Beasley or Hallie Care for more information.

“I’ve skied for 7 years and found out about ski club my sophomore year. It’s nothing like the rockies in Colorado, but I met a whole new group of friends through Ski Club that I wouldn’t trade for anything,” senior Lauren Hege said.