Boys baseball goes against HSE for Mudsock game


Photo by Stephanie Pearson

Senior Jack Minns pitches the ball on April 4 against Zionsville at an away game.

FHS and HSE faced each other again for boys baseball last Friday and Saturday. The Thursday game was postponed because of the rain.

The first two games are for both schools’ conference record while the third game is a non-conference game that can be used to see who won the series.

“We have grown up playing against or with the players from HSE, so it is always a game full of energy not only just to win but for bragging rights as well,” junior Nick Lukac said.

The boys lost 7-6 at the home game on April 26 but won the away game 3-2 on April 27. The boys scored 5 runs over the final 2 innings at the first game.

“Baseball is a game where you have to have confidence or you have already lost,” junior Mason Thomas said. “You face challenges every game rather you’re in a slump when you are hitting or having trouble finding the strike zone.”