Social media boasts more publicity than traditional promotion


Photo by Andrew Bauer.

Principal Jason Urban’s Twitter account serves as a school hub on social media, as he retweets several developments from teachers, clubs and other administrators.

Andrew Bauer, Reporter

Communication excels today with many forms of social media to use. Schools and school-held events utilize this technology to inform the public of upcoming events, live score reports and general announcements.

“The biggest point of using social media to communicate is so that we can reach the entire community with a single tweet,” senior Joey Cerone said. “We depend on views and the best way to get those is by advertising on Twitter before games to drum up interest.”

There are many different social media options available for use, but some are easier to use than others. YouTube for example is known for its video selection in forms of entertainment and promotion. With social media, a post can reach anywhere around the world instantly.

“For us we have found that Twitter is the easiest and fastest way to communicate,” Cerone said. “By tweeting live we give immediate updates that can draw more views. If someone sees the score of a close game, that will drive them to watch the game live. It also gives people the chance to check in on the game as easily as possible.”

Social media connects people to the public, but can also connect a specific audience to relevant announcements. It can be used to build communities and inform those who need to be such as a club informing its members. The Carmel HiLite online newspaper posted on March 7 that the school board held a meeting on March 4 to train the board members on how to use social media to communicate with students.

“Social media could help the school to inform the community of events and to better connect with the student body,” Cerone said. “I think that following your teacher and vice versa is not invasive at all, but rather it humanizes both sides for the other and allows to see into each other’s life.”