Spring ranks scientifically as best season

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Hallie Gallinat

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Photo by Hallie Gallinat.

Yellow and purple pansies bloom in the gardens of University of Indianapolis on Apr. 6.

Spring has sprung in Indiana, and that means many things like blooming flowers, singing birds and rising temperatures. With all this life and warmth, many consider spring to be the best season and scientific reasons reasons exist to back up this claim.

The spring months have positive effects on physical health. According to MedicAlert, spring leads to an increase in vitamin D due to more sunlight and less dry skin caused by the winter cold.

The warmer temperatures make ideal exercising weather, according to a study from an Environmental Science and Technology journal. Along with more people exercising, many spring-exclusive sports start-up, such as lacrosse and golf.

Life is also coming back to the great outdoors. More sunlight leads to more flowers, which leads to more oxygen. This fresh air is perfect to let into a home, as ventilation does not equal fresh air, according to the Environmental Protection Agency. Opening a window brings fresh spring air into a once wintery home.

Birds also return from their migration, bringing their songs back with them. According to a study from King’s College London, listening to birds sing boosts wellbeing, even hours after hearing them.

With summer being just around the corner, it gives one more reason to enjoy spring weather without it being too hot. It is one last leap toward the end of the school year and the start of summer, so students should take some time to enjoy the spring weather and activities before it is gone.