Students get ready for foreign language exams


Photo by Olivia Buchtenkirch.

French teacher Alyssa Ginter’s classroom remains open during passing periods.

With the year coming to an end foreign language classes are having oral exams that are 20 percent of your final. Toward the end of the nine weeks, tutoring is a good idea to attend to but if tutoring is not for everyone are other tips to try.

“I practice my oral exam in front of my parents,” sophomore Maggie Chen said. “The more I practice in front of people the less uncomfortable I am in front of my teacher.”

Depending on the teacher they may have given a list of questions on the topics that are likely to come up during the oral. Some suggestions to try is to write answers to each of these questions and say them out loud. Memorize answers but make sure to still understand what you’re talking about.

French teacher Alyssa Ginter provided some suggestions on how to prepare for the exam.”Set up a time to speak with classmates or friends who take the language,” French teacher Alyssa Ginter said. “Take advantage of every speaking opportunity you get.”

Another part of the exams is the essay and listening. To practice writing for the essay reading in the foreign language will help you become familiar with the grammar and construction of the sentences.

French teacher Alyssa Ginter suggests. “Don’t limit your reading to just books, read the daily news, blog posts, and articles.”

To practice listening comprehension, start off with text that comes along with the audio. It’s more important to understand than to memorize a foreign language.