Three on three basketball rocks homecoming week


Photo by Andrew Haughey

Language arts teacher Phillip Albonetti dribbles toward the basket at the three on three basketball tournament Tuesday night.

Homecoming week festivities started this week after the dance on Saturday, September 26. One such of these festivities was a three on three basketball tournament for both students and teachers to participate in.

This event featured six teams, one of which was entirely teachers. The teachers, consisting of language arts teachers Phillip Albonetti and Ross Springman and social studies teacher Matt Bockenfeld, lost in the championship to a team of all seniors.

Participant in the event and student Taylor Anderson said he felt like the tournament was a great way to spend the evening and that everyone appeared to be enjoying themselves even if their team was not winning. One of Anderson’s concerns with the event was the lack of participation from the student body.

“I feel like there could have been more students at the event since we only had five or six teams total,” Anderson said. “Maybe this could’ve been achieved by offering prizes for more competition.”

Anderson also said the lack of attendance was most likely because of the superiority of one team over many others. He stated that more teams may have signed up if they had known that every team was equal on the talent level. This would mean that no team has a clear and large advantage over the others. Anderson offered the solution of a draft.

“By having a draft you could mix the good basketball players with the ones who have less experience so you have a more competitive tournament,” Anderson said.

Another student who participated in the event, Matt Brewer, said he thought the event was a solid choice to connect students and teachers with each other. Brewer also commented on the lack of participation but had a different route than Anderson to boost attendance.

“To get more students involved we should post signs and sign-ups at lunch,” Brewer said.

The homecoming festivities will end this week with the home football game against Avon on September 27 at seven p.m.