Women and sports broadcasting


Photo used with permission by Flickr & Curt Gibbs under creative commons license

1999 FIFA Women’s World Cup Hero Brandi Chastain doing an interview during a 2003 FIFA Women’s World Cup Game

Beth Mowins and Jessica Mendoza are the only two prominent female sports broadcasters that I can think of that do onsite play by play or color commentary of a sporting event. That number not including sideline reporters. Both Mowins and Mendoza work for ESPN. This should change. There needs to be more women in sports broadcasting.

We have the Fishers Sports Network. Abby Bender is the only female participant in FSN. She was unable to be reached for comment for this story.

One way to fix this is to help get girls more involved at a younger age. Another way is to hire female announcers that don’t specialize in a specific sport. Like FOX for example has female analysts for women’s soccer.

Now yes Mendoza does normally broadcast only baseball, but she is on ESPN’s largest weekly MLB telecast, that being Sunday Night Baseball. Beth Mowins does play by play announcing for a wide variety of sports on ESPN and occasionally does NFL games on CBS.

This will take time to fix, but it can be done. If more women join sports broadcasting in play by play or color commentary roles, this can help diversify networks like ESPN’s onsite sports coverage. A few weeks ago on Sports Center ESPN utilized two female anchors, Sage Steele, an Indiana University graduate, and Laura Rutledge.

If sports broadcasting networks like ESPN and NBCSN continue to do this, it will have a huge impact on sports broadcasting.