Marching band hosts Halloween fundraiser


Photo used with permission by freshmen Jillian Hooton and Maddie Marryman and sophomore Anna Ware

Freshmen Jillian Hooton and Maddie Marryman and Sophomore Anna Ware have their faces painted to scare people at the Haunted Trail.

Saturday, Oct. 12, the marching band will be holding their Haunted Trail event at FHS. The Haunted Trail is a Halloween themed fundraiser for the marching band.

At the Haunted Trail, people can walk through the trail and be scared by characters, similar to Indy Scream Park. There are people dressed up in costumes, spooky props, and even a fog machine.

“It’s a great fall activity where friends and family can have a blast,” freshman Maddie Marryman said, “Volunteering with my band and my community is always fun.”

Haunted Trail is a unique way to raise money, and parents and kids volunteer to make the experience fun for everyone. Last year was the first year the fundraiser was held and according to junior Molly McCord, it was a great success.

“It is really fun and a great way to raise money. Last year was a huge success,” said McCord.

The Haunted Trail will be held at Billericay Park, and it starts at 7:30 p.m. Tickets can be purchased at their website, and if they are purchased ahead of time, you can save $1.

“It’s a great way to get to know your peers and interact with strangers from your community,” Marryman said, “It’s fun to see the families and friends enjoy themselves.”