‘Last Christmas’ last film you should see this holiday season


Photo by Benjamin Grantonic

The poster for “Last Christmas” appears at the local movie theater, along with several others.

“Last Christmas” is a British romantic comedy about Kate, played by Emilia Clark, a depressed 26-year-old shop assistant who just survived a major heart surgery. While at work one day Kate meets Tom, played by Henry Golding, a manic, fun loving dogooder. What follows for the majority of the plot is stereotypical romantic comedy fair. The film is also loosely based on the 1984 song Last Christmas by British pop band Wham!, the song is used gratuitously through the entire film.

The film was boring, having enough of a plot to follow, but one not good enough to make me care. This was on top of the tonal confusion of the film, flipping between romantic comedy and romantic drama almost every scene.

The actors talent was wasted with a mediocre script, but some of their talent still shows. The film’s humor was hit or miss, with some jokes being hitting well, and others entirely missing the mark. The writing has problems in general, including a Brexit subplot that goes nowhere, and another subplot about a fight between Kate and her boss, Santa, over a break-in at the shop she works at which also goes nowhere.

My biggest complaint with the film is the plot-twist, which came completely out of left field and left me feeling flabbergasted as I exited the theater. There was no hints towards the plot twist and it didn’t fit with the rest of the narrative at all. The film also ends with a musical number, which felt even farther removed from the movies mixed tone then the plot-twist.

Ultimately, I cannot recommend watching “Last Christmas” if you are looking for a good romcom. Though if you are looking for an absurd and so bad it is almost funny movie, I could almost recommend it.