“Our Town” comes to town


Photo by Ellie Albin

Due to auditorium renovations, the play will take place in the black box. Look for room number G167 with an “Our Town” poster on the wall.

The time has come for FHS’ cast of “Our Town” to take the stage on Nov. 7-9 at 7 p.m. A matinee performance will also take place at 2:30 on Nov. 9.
Construction continues in the auditorium, but the show must go on – in the black box theater. This smaller venue does not discourage students from wanting to see the show, though.

“I don’t think it’s a big deal,” senior Miranda Giancecchi said. “If students are spending their time practicing to perform a play for FHS, I think they should be able to perform wherever they want.”

Thornton Wilder wrote “Our Town” in 1938 as a three-act play that takes place in Grover’s Corners in the early 1900s. Students like Giancecchi are intrigued by older plays such as this.

“I’d say I’m more interested in older plays,” Giancecchi said. “Newer plays like ‘Hamilton’ don’t interest me, personally.”

While students have shown interest in seeing the play, senior Elijah Hudson says he would have appreciated a bit more advertisement.

“The show could’ve been advertised more than just the posters around the school,” Hudson said. “Maybe they could’ve created a video to send out to teachers and show it in class.”

The black box theater has a capacity much smaller than that of the auditorium, so seating will be limited. Student and senior citizen tickets cost five dollars and adult tickets cost seven dollars.