Cafeteria bell issues fixed


Photo by Ben Rosen

Students talking in Cafe A after lunch on Feb. 14 prior to the bells being repaired.

Bells in the cafeteria have been malfunctioning during lunch the last few weeks causing issues for students as a result of being unable to hear them, which some believe is a major problem.

“Yeah, I think it can be a problem, especially if you have classes that are far away from the cafeteria,” freshman Thomas Chaplain said. “If you don’t hear the bell and aren’t able to make it to class, it’s going to negatively impact your education.”

In the CCA area the bell works fine, but in Cafe A and B it does not work.

“Yes [it is a problem],” senior Luke Dillon said. “Because some people don’t realize that lunch ended so they may end up being late to class.”

This link,, will take you to the FHS bell schedule. So, if a clock is not visible then that can be looked at during lunch to determine when to leave the cafeteria, or just watch all the people leave and go with the crowd.

“Honestly, I never really noticed it completely but it did make me late to a class once,” sophomore Owen Savage said.

Assistant principal Chrissie Sturgill said that Blades AV company came to fix the issue on Feb. 18. The bell is now fixed and no more issues exist.

“I think it would certainly be an improvement, as the current situation is a nuisance at best,” Chaplain said. “And something preventing us from getting to class on time at best.”