Yule Ball cancelled


Photo by Nya Thorton

Alumni Eli Ball promotes the Harry Potter Club at the 2018 FHS Club Fair on Aug. 8

With dozens of clubs to choose from at FHS, some clubs struggle to get the publicity they need to attract new members. One of these is the Harry Potter Club. With dozens of clubs to choose from at FHS, some struggle to get the publicity they need to attract new members. One of these clubs is the Harry Potter Club. The club itself has been around for several years and predates the current sponsor, science teacher Brigham French’s, career at Fishers. Despite not being one of the larger clubs at the school, they have not been stopped from putting on events to attract new members, such as the annual Yule Ball, which was started last school year.

However, with a lack of attendees, the Yule Ball has been canceled this year. This removes one of the major sources of new members for the club and forces them to look elsewhere.

French believes the current number of students attending a meeting is about eight out of the ten or twelve total students in the club. French said the fairly inconsistent number of students at each meeting was due to various sports and activities. He also said that a high number of students in the club were also members of the Dungeons and Dragons Club.

“The meetings are every other Friday,” French said. “So some students alternate between this [Harry Potter Club] and the Dungeons and Dragons Club, which also meets every other Friday.

Club member junior Katie Barnett said the club tries to gain new members through events like the Yule Ball and by advertising on the school announcements. Barnett said about 30 or 40 people attended last year’s Yule Ball, and that several of those people joined the club after attending. She spoke about how the club is important to the school because of the relaxed environment.

“We’re not trying to accomplish any specific goals except just hang out with each other and dive into something we’re all passionate about,” Barnett said.

Going beyond Harry Potter, French said the club was not just about the book series and the character, but rather about fantasy books in general.

“We talk about Harry Potter but we also talk about other book series that sort of have the same ideology that goes along with it,” French said. “It’s just a place where they [members] can talk about something they love.”

You can join the Harry Potter Club by emailing French at [email protected] to find out when the next meeting is.