Students enjoy outdoors, use time away from school for exercise


Photo by Andrew Haughey

Sophomore Alex Vitat spends the day outside to avoid getting bored.

Due to the pandemic of COVID-19, students of HSE schools have been forced to go long periods of time without seeing friends or people other than their family. Some of this can result in cabin fever, making students long to at least be outside at a state park or even just walking around their neighborhood. Although it is important to get exercise and sunlight, it is also important to stay safe.

Junior Sarah Alderton said before the pandemic that forced the stay-at-home orders, she was spending minimal time at home and that, while she was enjoying her lifestyle, it was becoming somewhat stressful. She has much more free time at home now.

“I have actually been exercising more now than before quarantine,” Alderton said.” I have been on many runs, walks and bike rides.”

Alderton believes there is only so much she can do while alone at home but that exercising and getting outdoors gives her a productive use of time while also staying safe. She feels the outdoors are one of the safest places to be during a pandemic like this because they provide her with ventilation and space from other people.

“With going outside for walks, runs or bike rides I simply move to the other side of the street if someone is nearing my direction. I gauge my distancing from others enough to where I don’t feel wearing a mask is necessary,” Alderton said.

Sophomore Mackenzie Tackett said the coronavirus forced her to modify her daily routine, including schoolwork and chores. In addition, she feels very bored at times, which makes her more inclined to try new things since she has the free time to do so.

“I am definitely participating in more physical activities as I go on either a walk or bike ride every day,” Tackett said. “I work out a lot more because I have the time.”

Tacket also said she feels safe while outside because she knows what the precautions are during the stay-at-home orders.

“As long as I’m keeping distance from other people, I feel fine. I’m not touching random things or getting close to people,” Tackett said.

As the stay-at-home orders extended by Governor Eric Holcomb on April 20 expires this Friday, it is important to remember to stay safe outside and follow all regulations for social distancing until healthcare professionals and researchers say that the threat has been minimized.