October Issue Crossword Correction




1. Oz character and farmer’s best friend

2. The name of the program that was created to increase engagement levels for ads

4. Casper, for one

5. Is a bluebird blue?

8. The astronomical feature of the Earth responsible for its season

9. The location most popularly targeted by students looking to commit “devious licks”

12. An Indiana state park known for its gorges

13.  There were 55,550 operated in Indiana in 2020

15. A spider’s abode

16. A witch’s counterpart

17. An apple coating that is also a rival school, phonetically

21. A hat-wearing nut

24. The college football team that plays “Jump Around” after the third quarter of home games

25. The missing body part of Irving’s antagonist

27. The music venue closest to FHS

28. Poe’s NFL squad

32. Description for apples and fall air 



3. Autumn’s less formal name

6. Corn, i.e.

7. A witch’s Uber

9. Furry flying mammal at Halloween parties

10. Treat’s partner

11. Donovan’s famous Season of the…

14. The location of Indy Scream Park

17. Classic fall drink

18. The brand of syrup that Starbucks uses in its drinks

19. Tha last name of the runner on the girls cross country team who finished 3rd at sectionals

20. COVID-19 covering or Halloween costume accessory

22. The reason for the season

23. Metal inserts in Shelley’s title character

25. Tractor ride bedding

26. An NFL quarterback famous for kneeling during the national anthem

28. Rebuild, reconnect…

29. A ghost’s cry

30. An apple coating that is also a rival school, phonetically

31. Triangular, tri-colored sweet

33. Fall spice for Starbucks’ drinks

34. Cruel and usual punishment in the pumpkin world