Freshmen find leadership

Class of 2026 elects new class officers.


Graphic by Jakob Polly.

Seven new freshmen have been chosen to represent the class of 2026.

   As a new school year begins and classes resume, a new class of freshmen come to Fishers High School. Over the course of a few days at the beginning of the school year, the freshman class voted for their class officers. The election process involved signing up on canvas and campaigning. For Ethan Luenemann, the freshman class president, this involved printing and handing out stickers.

   “The election went great,” Luenemann said. “I made 200 stickers of my face and they ran out in two days.”

   For others, like freshman class officer Coco Lane, it involved not only printing stickers, but also creating an election video.

   “I loved being able to use my creative side to create my own election video and memorabilia sticker,” Lane said. “Keep an eye out for a pink ‘I voted for Coco’ sticker. You never know where one might pop up.”

   Despite having just been elected, the class officers have already begun meeting and planning. These monthly meetings involve discussions with principal Jason Urban over how to improve the school as a whole. For freshman class officer Grier Swaim, these meetings are an incredible opportunity to hone leadership skills.

   “Some of the meetings are early,” Swaim said. “But it’s such a good culture to be in. I just really love this leadership role.”

   The goal of these monthly meetings is both to help voice student opinions to the administration and to plan upcoming events and projects. Although their annual service project is yet to be announced, the officers have come up with a few ideas.

   “Some ideas [for a service project] are… raising money for a foundation through a walk,” Swaim said. “Or picking up trash… something that helps our environment.”

   Whatever the service project, the officers feel excited about helping and engaging with their fellow peers.

You can come to us with anything. We are open to listening to people and their input.

— Grier Swaim

   “My plans for the future as a class officer are to actively listen to my peers and to take into consideration all voices, not just the loudest,” Lane said. “I look forward to what we can accomplish in the future.”

   According to Swaim, the class officer roles ultimately exist to help students feel heard. The officers have made it clear that anyone is free to contact the FHS class of 2026 Instagram page at any point.