Diving into the season

Girls, boys diving team begins season on Oct. 24, Nov. 7 respectively.


Photo by James Russ.

Sophomore Jacob Schade prepares for a dive on Nov. 11.

   In tandem with the swimming team, the girl’s diving team began practices on Oct. 24, initiating a four month-long season that extends into February. Joining the girl’s team two weeks later is the boy’s team, who now share practices every day after school. Although many of the divers compete year-round at the club level, essentially elongating the season, some, including junior Kate Jansen, choose not to. Jansen, who participates in fall golf, finds switching between such different sports every October challenging.

   “Coming back is weird because golf is completely different from diving,” Jansen said. “You have to regain everything you lost, but I am surprising myself at how much muscle memory I have.”

   Of the nine divers on the team, five participate in club. This allows them to, in the case of freshman Kirby Danglade, build up the skills to compete at the high school level.

   “I’ve been watching all the high schoolers at the meets, thinking that I want to be there with them one day, and now I get to,” Danglade said.

   One of the most significant differences between the club and high school level is the number of opportunities one gets to compete. For Danglade, this change is exciting.

   “[In club] there’s only ever five or six meets over the summer that we get to compete in, but in high school, there’s [up to] two meets a week,” Danglade said. “[I am most looking forward to] competing a lot more than I usually get to.”

   Similar sentiments are shared by Jansen, who enjoys the festive atmosphere of each meet.

   “I’m looking forward to the meets,” Jansen said. “It’s always fun to see how everyone does and to just be there to cheer on your teammates.”

   With many of the former divers graduating last year, some members of the team feel as though this year will be different from most. Jansen, whose brother graduated last year, believes this year is one that will certainly be more challenging than previous.

   “It’s really difficult because I don’t have my brother there anymore, and he was my biggest fan,” Jansen said. “The seniors we lost were also a big part of the team and brought a lot of energy, so that is a big change.

   Despite any difficulties faced, spirits are high all-around and the divers are ready to begin the season.

   “I really want to improve [this year],” Jansen said. “I’m excited to see what I’ll be able to do this season.”