Support for Iranian women

U.S. soccer edits image of Iranian flag


Graphic by Ellie Payne.

The Qatar World Cup is a soccer tournament going from Nov. 20, 2022 to Dec. 18, 2022.

   The U.S. Soccer team released a standings post on their social media, in the post the emblem of the Iranian Flag is removed. Students have conflicting opinions on the topic of the emblem being removed from Iran’s flag.

   “I think it was very kind,” sophomore Camila Rojas Barber said. “Women in Iran are having such a hard time just existing it was a very warm[ing] moment to see that they understood.”

   With some being sympathetic, others believe that the U.S. should have taken a different course of action in order to show support for women in Iran.

   “The reaction the Iranian people had was completely natural,” senior Jamila Mohammed said. “The emblem was the symbolism for Allah.”

   With the US doing this controversial action, some worry that U.S. athletes and superstars will be more at risk in Iran.

   “I think that it would create [a] slot of conflict and could possibly put the U.S. players in danger,” Mohammed said.

  Iran’s reaction to what the U.S. did is also controversial because of the extent of the punishment they are calling for. The U.S. defends itself by saying they were aligning their support for the protestors of the Iranian government, according to an article from CNN.

   “I obviously think the world cup is a monumental platform that can be used to show support for equal rights.” senior Lilly Touhey. “The U.S. made a bold move by showing solidarity with [the] protestors in Iran.”

   However, the grounds for the U.S. being punished for this action are not unreasonable. There are rules in worldwide competitions against the mistreatment of another country’s flag.

   “While the U.S. could have potentially been punished based on the FIFA code of conduct, I feel that it’s important that the U.S. continue to find methods of support for the protestors.” said Touhey.