The student news site of Fishers High School, Fishers, Indiana

Tiger Topics N the Red

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The student news site of Fishers High School, Fishers, Indiana

Tiger Topics N the Red

The student news site of Fishers High School, Fishers, Indiana

Tiger Topics N the Red

About the Paper

Fishers Tiger Times

Since Fishers High School’s foundation in 2006, Tiger Topics Tiger Times has served as the school’s official newspaper. of Fishers High School.  The printed edition is distributed free to over 3,500 students and school personnel.  The 16 student staff members receive elective credit for this full year class.

“The inaugural staff created the name after surveying students for ideas. Although the first year the school did not have a senior class, students were energized and enthusiastically united, especially evident on Fridays with the sea of red in the hallways and classrooms. The inaugural staff wanted something contemporary to go with their vision for the newsmagazine to be vibrant and cutting edge with personal storylines, a publication students would be excited to read on distribution day,” founding adviser Janet McKinney said.

The Tiger Times has received numerous awards over the years, including Hoosier Star finalist, NSPA All-American, CSPA Gold Medalist and Quill and Scroll International First Place. Individual students have also won awards from these organizations, as well as from the Women’s Press Club of Indiana and Ball State University’s Journalism Workshops.


Editorial Policy

As the student-run newsmagazine of FHS, The Tiger Times is dedicated to providing the staff, students and community of FHS with a timely, entertaining and factual publication once a month by means of public forum. In publishing articles that students enjoy reading, we are furthering both the educational experience and the expansion of FHS culture. The staff works to create a sense of unity and awareness and to allow the students of FHS to have a better insight to the world around them.

Mission Statement

Tiger Topics Tiger Times is the official monthly newsmagazine of Fishers High School. It is distributed free to 3,600 students and over 300 school personnel. It is designed, written and edited by students. Opinions expressed in the newsmagazine do not necessarily represent those of the adviser, administration or staff.

Letters to the editor may be submitted to A218. Letters must contain the writer’s phone number for verification. Letters to the editor will not be published anonymously.
If there is any incorrect information, corrections will be made in the next issue.

Contact Us: To contact a specific writer, please see their email address in the staff listing. Follow us on Twitter (@fhstigertimes) and follow our Instagram (@fhstigertimes) to see our latest news stories.

For any other questions, please contact Miss. Jordan MacMillan, adviser.