Girls soccer scores

Girls soccer scores

Hannah Sullivan, Journalism Student

Girl’s soccer team, all did very well against their competitors this season according to their coach, English teacher, Ben Beasley.  On all three teams, JV, Varsity and freshmen, they all played up to their coach’s expectations.

A typical practice for the JV team is shooting drills, dribbling, speed and agility, and plenty of running.

“We never really had a really hard practice.  Our practices were fun but serious too,” freshman Emily Buchman said.

The JV team had ten wins, three ties, and one loss throughout their whole season.  If they had defeated the Zionsville Eagles, then they would have a chance to be undefeated for the season.

The varsity team was also close to an undefeated season with their top scorer senior Erin Issacas.  Unlike the JV team, varsity went to sectionals.  In the first round, they defeated the Noblesville Millers 3-0.  In their second round, they played a very competitive match against the HSE Royals.  The Tigers were defeated 2-0 and HSE continued on to win the tournament.

“We always turned into a potential threat to the other teams,” right defender and freshman Brady Riley said.“We merely lost because we were unfocused for a minute and t

he other team took it to their advantage.  But we never gave up, we kept trying to win until the final whistle to end the game.”

Team manager sophmore Kaitlyn Pulos had a different perspective of the game instead of being on the field with the other players, she was in charge of washing uniforms and airing up the balls.

“I have a lot of fun being with everyone.  They act like my family now,” Pulos said.