Seasonal jobs shift demographics in economic slump


Hannah Eli, Staff Reporter

There is a mad rush for retail jobs every year during the holiday season: more customers forstores means that they will need more employees, and typically, teenagers are the workers of choice.Economics teacher Adam Nelson says that the majority of the businesses that are hiring are in retail, and that businesses want someone with a good personality and perhaps previous experience in retail.“Whatever that particular employer is looking for,”  Nelson said, “But typically, there’s not a high list of requirements, because it’s not a high level job.”In the past few years, the economy has lead people with high level resumes to apply for these low level jobs; this disparity is called underemployment.“Underemployment right now is a little higher than it’s been in statistics that we’ve seen, but right now our labor statistics aren’t the greatest,” Nelson said. “It depends also on how employers feel like the season’s going to be.”

Employment of highly qualified people could mean less employment for teenagers, but there are still jobs available for the younger demographic.

“I have a lot of seniors in class who are getting well over minimum
wage,” he said. “If [employers] feel they really want you, then they’re going to give you that job.”

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