Math Fax equates to extra credit

Luka Skudrzik, Staff Reporter

If a student needs to raise their math grade, then Math Fax can help. Math Fax is an SAT based math test that is taken nationwide by all schools. These tests are given mostly for practice for the SAT test, but the math teachers will give a student extra credit if he or she scores high enough.This test can be done for fun, a challenge or extra credit. It is mostly given for the math practice a students gains.
Students only receive half an hour to complete as many questions on the test as possible.Every math subject is held in one of two locations. Geometry classes are held in the large group instruction room (LGI), and other classes such as Algebra I, Algebra II, Trigonometry, Pre-calculus, etc. are held in the cafeteria. Any student enrolled in a math class may come.

“Parent organizations pay for it; we couldn’t do it without them. It is very helpful,” math teacher Louise Werner said.

Students must be in there before or precisely at 7 a.m. If a student is late, no matter how late, they will not admit that person. A student is not required to go, but over five hundred usually come.

Math Fax is held several times throughout the year. The closest upcoming Math Fax session is November 6. Others will be on December 5, February 5 and March 5.