Online AP Classes Bring Opportunities

Luka Skudrzik, Staff Reporter

Earning high school credits and enjoying summer at the same time, working at someone’s own pace and on their own time and having flexibility for traveling and playing sports are all benefits, promoted by the guidance department, of taking online classes.
“Online classes have evolved over recent years pretty significantly,” guidance counselor Linda Brown said.

There are several AP classes offered online in several subjects. Some include: English Language and Composition, English Literature and Composition, Human Geography, Macro and Micro Economics, Psychology, US Government, and US History.

One concern would be that these classes are taken in the summer, but the AP exams are in May. This allows for the possibility for a student to forget a lot of information over that amount of time according to Brown.

AP online classes are usually taken to free up a person’s schedule or if there is a conflict in the schedule. Clearing up a schedule may be because of sports or other reasons.

“Very few students take it [AP online courses], and the ones that do are very strong students in general so they will typically be successful,” Brown said.