A Trip to Germany


Hailey Rennier, Staff reporter

Sophomore Sean Flannery prepares to travel to set out on his once in a lifetime trip over the summer. In July, Indiana University Honors Program in Foreign Language, (IUHPFL)  is a program through IU, in which Flannery will travel to Germany for seven weeks.

“The trip was pricey at first, but I recently received a scholarship from the Indiana German Heritage society to fund $1,000 worth of my trip,” Flannery said.

He is taking this trip to better his understanding of the German language and culture. While in the foreign country, the students are not allowed to speak any English whatsoever. They will be staying with a host family and will attend school during the week. They will take courses to better their knowledge of the language and speaking skills.

Also, the students can have minimal contact with their family during this period of time. On the weekends, they will spend all their time on excursions to famous areas, including Berlin, Cologne and Frankfurt.