Last year’s cookies switch from one to three


Student buying a cookie from the After Thoughts line. Photo taken by: Natalie Lueung

Natalie Lueung, Editor-in-chief

Natalie Lueung- The change in cookies in the cafe is new to the students but nothing new to the DOE (Department of Education) considering that they have been working on this idea for years.

Full action for healthier choices in the cafe is finally being taken across all the schools in the nation, as of the 2014-2015 school year. There are three cookies that are ordered from the GFS (Gordon Food Services), M&M cookies, brownie cookies and chocolate chip cookies.

“I’m waiting for the chocolate cookies to come in,” cafeteria manager Anna Marangelli said. “I can’t wait to see the kids’ reaction to them.”

As of Aug. 13 – Sept. 2, students have yet to try the chocolate chip cookies because they have been sold out every time when it is time for another order.

“The old ones were mushy and good,” junior Will Burris said. “I like the new ones…they’re crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside.”

All of the cookies are low in sodium and made with whole wheat. According to Marangelli the cookies are a lot more natural and healthy.

The cookies are not the only things that have gotten healthier. Low-sodium condiments are in stock, chips are in smaller bags resulting in smaller portions and Rice Krispies are no longer being sold due to the large amounts of sugar and butter in them. These changes were made to encourage students to make healthier food choices.

Student buying a cookie from the After Thoughts line. Photo taken by: Natalie Lueung
A student buying a cookie from the After Thoughts line during B lunch Sept. 3. Photo taken by: Natalie Lueung