Student government takes the reigns of decorating for homecoming


Lizzie Brown- Every year at the beginning of fall, student government takes charge of decorating the cafeteria and gym for homecoming.

“The student government kids help with decorating because it’s part of our job in the government to represent the school,” executive secretary Mackenzie Hayden said.

For the past three years, a company has been hired to set up the lighting and seating around the dance floor in the gym.

At 10 a.m. the morning of the homecoming dance, students in student government come to help unload the company’s truck.  The students then start on the cafeteria, using a pull-out wall to make the space smaller and decorating with streamers, balloons, banners, etc.

“I have asked the kids on my committee to make one or two posters or flyers that have to do with red or homecoming or FHS, to use in future years,” Hayden said.  The students use them to decorate the cafeteria.

According to Hayden they have had more success with a “school spirit” or “red” theme because it creates a classier environment.

“We try to make it about “tiger pride” as much as possible,” Hayden said.

student government meeting 2
Student government meets to talk about homecoming ideas. Photo by Michaela Breach.

The kids in student government are also in charge of tear down after the last song has played and all the other students have filed out.