Construction on track for 2015


Lizzie Brown, Reporter

Lizzie Brown- The construction this year is right on schedule and it includes major additions to the school in what will be the third addition onto the building since it opened in 2006.

According to Assistant Principal Ryan Taylor, the major parts should be substantially, meaning mostly but not totally, completed by June 2015.  This includes the college and career academy performing arts area, auxiliary gym and fitness center.

“The more obvious things are the ones we actually see as we’re driving in and we’re watching that progress unfold before our very eyes and that’s pretty exciting,” Taylor said.

So far, the tennis courts and the locker rooms by the tennis courts are completed.

“We finally got that finished, and it’s nice to check off one of the major jobs,” Taylor said.

As of right now, the construction is on track, despite a delay after breaking ground last winter due to the polar vortex. According to Taylor, the heavy freeze and record amounts of snow kept them from getting started right away.

All that is left to be done is putting together the things we can’t see, such as the plumbing, electricity, painting and furniture.

“We have a good crew, and I have confidence that everything will get done on time,” Taylor said.

Construction is taking place on the Fishers High School site.