Schools celebrate Teacher Appreciation Week


Reily Sanderson-Teachers spend hours grading papers, making up lesson plans, and educating young minds. Last week was Teacher Appreciation week; it ran from May 4 through May 8 and is celebrated yearly.

“[The best way to show appreciation to your teacher] is just tell them how you feel. That’s the best thing a kid has ever done for me,” Spanish teacher Stephanie Gutting said.

According to, the five reasons teachers should be appreciated are that teachers are role models, they care about their students, teachers challenge their students to do better, teachers inspire students and teachers empower students.

There are many ways students showed appreciation to their teachers last week, including writing their teachers a letter to recognize their good work, buying the teacher’s favorite candy, getting supplies like Kleenexes pencils or dry erase markers and by simply respecting their teachers.

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Teacher Appreciation
English teacher Haley Englert talks with a group of students on November 13.