The student news site of Fishers High School, Fishers, Indiana

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The student news site of Fishers High School, Fishers, Indiana

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The student news site of Fishers High School, Fishers, Indiana

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Reviewing the options for munching in the morning
Tanner Guillot, Reporter • September 26, 2023

Senior Lily Sharp smiles and laughs while being crowned homecoming queen. Looking out and supporting Sharp from the stands was Junior Larkyn Muth, who looked back on the night and said, “The game was super fun, my choir got to sing the national anthem and one of my best friends won homecoming queen,” Muth said. “It was just an overall fun night!” The Homecoming football game was on Sept. 22.
Partying in the endzone
Evie Briar and Madeleine DavisSeptember 26, 2023

The class of 2027 elects 7 freshmen for student government.
Fishers freshman lead the way
Elliot Haan, Reporter • September 19, 2023

    Every year when the freshman class comes in there are class officers and a class president elected. They can bring news ideas to the table...

Former President Trump’s pride in his mugshot causes potential for outside criticism of America as a whole.
Making a meme of U.S.
Malak Samara, Editor in Chief • September 19, 2023

    America’s image to the outside world is something that should be held to a certain set of standards. Otherwise, other countries could...

Members of the student section watch the football game. “As a spirit leader, my role is to keep the energy hype and positive no matter what the score is,” Baranovsky said. “We all want the same thing: to beat HSE. I always want to make sure that we are cheering loud and getting all the classes involved.” Fishers lost the game to HSE with a final score of 35-34 on Sept. 8, 2023.
One point to win
Emerson Elledge, Copy and Design Editor • September 13, 2023

Math team prepares for future math contests

Math teacher Benjamin Wyss teaches his Algebra 1 class.

Additions, subtraction, division and multiplication it does not matter what the career is about, mathematics will be always included. Math is important because it helps to do things such as daily task, telling time, getting bills paid, between others.

In November, the math team is having two of the most important contests for the semester. The club is preparing to held a test on two different colleges by having morning meetings with different practices.

“We have day weekly meetings, also we have IML (Indiana Math League) every month.” vice-president of the math team senior Priyanka Shah said.

The first contest will be held on Nov.14 in the Rose-Hulman college, each school may enter four students of each grade and also an unlimited number of alternates.

The test consist of 20 different questions which are worth five points each and one point penalty for each answer wrong. The awards will given to the 12 students with the highest grade for each class and schools with the full team of four students might be chosen for one of the three school awards.

Shah said, “If you do well during this contests it does look good nice on college resumes and they [colleges] do look at your extracurricular activities and see how far have you achieved.”

The second contest which is going to be in Franklin College on Nov. 21. The competition will be by groups of 3, the Polya Division is open to all students and the awards will be for the most higher scores. Warm-up will be up while people is registering, and there will be single awards for students who submit correct answers.

Shah said, “For people I have know that have been in math team on the last four years, it’s a source of commitment to say ¨Yes, I have been in the math team¨ and not just for the fact of putting that in the college resume but it has the importance of us been able to continue math outside the school. ”

For more information about why joining the math team is good, Click Here!

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The student news site of Fishers High School, Fishers, Indiana
Math team prepares for future math contests