Child development takes kids home


Kai Taylor holding her baby in its carrying case on March 18. Photo by Chloe’ M ayfield.

Chloe' Mayfield, Reporter

Child development is a class that instructs students on what to do when becoming a parent. Students learn how to plan ahead and form a schedule in order to take care of children. The students have been working on a new project that involves even more childcare experience.

However, instead of children or dolls, the students are given eggs. They must make sure the eggs are not harmed and do not crack for a week.

“I think that this project is showing responsibility as well as getting us prepared for the future,” sophomore Kai Taylor said.

The students take care of the egg for five days, and each day they must write in journals about what they have done with the child.  Then write down who the baby was with during the day, how the child got home and what were their after-school activities. If the egg broke the student who broke the egg had to bring in a new egg Mrs. Asher only provides the first egg for students.

“This project actually helps us think about having a child and all of the responsibilities that we will have,” Taylor said.

Amy Asher, the child development teacher, stamps the bottom of each egg to make sure students do not try to replace it. She also checks the egg everyday to make it a priority for students to bring the egg to school.The most challenging thing about the project is making a safe carrier for the egg in order for it not to break and trusting somebody to watch the egg that the student knows will not break the egg as well.