“Senioritis” proves to be detrimental to college acceptances


Seniors sit and listen in their first period economics class, a credit required to graduate, with teacher Michael Gaines on January 20.

“Senioritis” is spreading rapidly and the symptoms are more prominent now than ever before. With only a couple of weeks to to go, seniors may find it easy to let those grades slip, especially if they have already been accepted into a college. Contrary to popular belief, it is expected that seniors maintain their grades at an acceptable level. If grades slip too much, this jeopardizes college acceptances.

Getting accepted into college is the climax of many students’ academic high school experience. It signifies hard work over the past four years. Once that college acceptance letter comes, it becomes increasingly easier to brush aside the remainder of the year.

Sixty-five percent of college acceptances revoked are due to poor final grades, followed by 35 percent because of disciplinary issues and 29 percent for giving false information on their application according to the National Association for College Admission Counseling.

It is that time of year when we as seniors can look back on our accomplishments these last four years of high school. Despite the adversity of senioritis, it is crucial to college acceptances and high school graduation that grades are maintained. This hard work and perseverance will ultimately result in the ever so desired acceptance letter and diploma.

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