Students utilize first opportunity to vote


Senior Matt Ridge poses for a selfie after receiving his first “I Voted” sticker. Photo courtesy of Matt Ridge.

Lia Benvenutti, Reporter

Every four years, the Indiana Primary election rolls around. During these elections, voters decide on who should be the presidential candidates for the coming presidential election as well as other state-wide and/or county-wide decisions.

For many upperclassmen, this year is their first opportunity to cast a legal vote and many of them have done so over this past day.

“It seemed like it would be kinda scary or hard but its not, it’s pretty self-explanatory,” said senior Jerod Leatherman.

This year’s first-time-voter percentages have been steady with those of all voters overall: slowly decreasing due to many different factors like logistical issues and personal opinions of the candidates.

“I waited in the line for about ten minutes and then we had to find our precinct number and we went to that line. Then we signed our name and chose if we were a Republican or Democrat and then we went up to the booth and pushed buttons corresponding to different decisions and then when I was finished I got to press the big red button,” Leatherman said.