Students arrive late or carry weight


Students stop at their lockers and walk with their backpacks in the B hallway. Photo by Hallie Gallinat

Hallie Gallinat, Reporter

Struggling between the constant back pain or the possibility of tardies, students have to decide between carrying a heavy bag or making a trip to their locker.

An advantage that backpacks have is that students can carry all of their belongings, which means they have everything they need at their fingertips. However, this can have a negative effect on a student’s back. According to TIME, carrying everything on a student’s back can lead to a stiff neck, tired back muscles, and bad posture.

Lockers are an alternative to a heavy backpack, but they are expensive compared to having students bring their own backpack. Schools spend over $100 on a single locker. Plus, lockers can be far from student’s classes and it could be challenging for students to travel to their locker and then to class.

“I carry everything in my backpack. My locker is really out of the way and it is really inconvenient to go back there to get everything,”  freshman Gabriella VanVooren said.

Lockers can also be used as a creative outlet, since students can customize their lockers to their liking.  Locker decorations can range from magnets to even chandeliers. But the main function of a locker is to provide a safe place to store students’ items. Some objects, like sports equipment and extra bags, can not fit in a backpack, but they can fit in lockers. 

“You can store more in your locker, and when it gets cold I can put my coat in there,” VanVooren said.

However, the choice is ultimately up to the student.  

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