Haunted Houses are scary for all the wrong reasons


Guests wait in line for the “Death Row” attraction, that was removed in 2010, at Kings Island Halloween Haunt in 2009. Photo Courtesy of Jeremy Thompson. https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0/

Mo Wood, Online Editor

Haunted houses seem to be a halloween tradition but the attractions tend to be overpriced, crowded and not scary.

Many attendees get sucked into the hype of haunted houses and they end up being flooded with people. Multiple attraction parks can have lines up to two hours. My first visit to Indy Scream Park, I waited in line for “Back Woods” for at least an hour and forty five minutes.

Not many purchase fast passes, so after getting a pass, each line is non-existent and getting through each attraction takes only an hour and a half, compared to the five hours you spend in normal lines.

Houses are expensive with their lowest prices during weekdays are when people are busy, and higher prices on the weekend because more people are able to come during those times. At Indy Scream Park, ticket prices go up by 12 dollars on the weekend.

Fast passes are also expensive, Kings Island’s lowest cost is $65.00, Hannah’s Haunted Acres is $45.00 and Indy Scream Park is $36.00.

Haunted houses are not very scary either, cheap blood splatters and screams are not enough to scare the average joe. Walking through the haunted houses, they all utilize the same effects, loud noises, flashing lights, blood splatters, sheets that hang from the ceiling and harsh corners so you can not see actors hiding around the corner.

Actors at haunted houses need to step up their game, screeching “You’re going to die!” into every guests face is not scary. Many people walk through houses without being approached by actors at all because they focus on the obviously frightened.

Halloween is a fun time of year. It allows people to embrace the dark and creepy, but cheap haunted houses only looking to take guests money do not add to the holiday cheer.