Review: highly competitive college workshop benefits students


Principal Jason Urban discusses interviewing techniques with seniors who attended the Highly Competitive College Application workshop on Oct. 14. Photo by Madi Calvert.

Madi Calvert, Editor-in-Chief

On Oct. 14, students applying to highly selective colleges attended a workshop held by school administrators. The goal was to help the students with applications, giving them tips and tricks to enhance their work.

Thirteen students attended the workshop where assistant principal Valerie Piehl and guidance counselor Linda Brown gave a presentation that provided students with advice as to how they could bolster their essays and brag about their achievements without sounding egoistical.

Principal Jason Urban made a guest appearance and conducted a practice interview with senior Zane Jud, demonstrating the pros and cons of doing interviews with college representatives.

The workshop was incredibly helpful, and gave me a lot of ideas on how to make my applications truly stand out. Before attending the workshop, I was not very confident about my work, and I felt that it was too similar to every example essay I had read. I revisited the essays I had written and edited them, making sure to reflect, rather than simply tell a story.

Though the workshop was held too late in the fall for many seniors to benefit, the administrators plan to offer the workshop to juniors in the spring, then follow up with them early in their senior year.

For more information, email Linda Brown here.