Early lunches annoy students, make most sense for administrators


Students gather for C lunch on Nov. 2. Photo by Mo Wood.

Nya Thornton and Avery Burke , Guest Writer

Guest contributors Nya Thornton and Avery Burke.

Most restaurants serve brunch until 11 a.m. which is when lunch time rolls around. But at school, A lunch begins at 10:23. Many students complain that A lunch is too early, and does not keep them energized throughout the day.

“It is way too early because it feels like I’m eating breakfast instead of lunch,” senior Lexi Webster said. “I’m always hungry by the end of the day.”

Students say by seventh period they need a snack to continue going because they are tired and hungry.

“Maybe start it at 11 and push C lunch back,” freshman Steph Snell said. “Just so I can be more full the rest of the day.”

On a seven period day, lunch falls in the middle of the day. Students attend three classes before their lunch break. Afterwards, they have four more classes. By pushing lunch later in the day, assistant principal Valerie Piehl said that would be five hours of class before getting lunch. Studies show that students do not do well academically when they are hungry.

“We went with lunch during fourth period to take into consideration those students who may not eat breakfast,” Piehl said. “ Since we did not want that last lunch to be too late.”

Several conditions were considered when planning the lunch schedule. When the school opened in 2006, there was only one cafeteria. As more students began to attend, the school required more room to feed all of them. So, they built cafeterias B, C and the CCA.