Students use online shopping to save their time


Amazon is a well-known online vendor, that has more than three million user worldwide.Photo by Seana Jordan.

Seana Jordan, Reporter

We are quickly approaching the busiest shopping season of the year. Many students and others, will shop online to avoid the hassle and inconvenience of going to the store.

Studies done by The Intelligence Group in June of 2016 polled 1300 online shoppers ages 18 to 24.It tested on if millennials shop more online or in-store. The results revealed that 72 percent of people polled, shopped their options online rather than in store. They spend an average of $2,000 online every year.

There is an array of websites out there that help teens save money. For example, Wish contains items like electronics, clothes, makeup and many more. Most of these items are priced much lower than what they would be in a store. The only downside is, it takes a month to get to the destination because the company warehouse is in China.

Sophomore Caroline Koehler spends a lot of her money in online shopping. 

“I prefer to online shop because I feel awkward when I am in an actual store,” Koehler said. “I am not very big on social interaction, plus buying my items online allow me to not have to leave my own house.”

She mostly buys cosplay items such as wigs and outfits, most of which you cannot even get in stores.

“The place I shop the most is Aliexpress,” Koehler said. “The only downside of that is since most of the items come from overseas it takes about a month or more for them to get here. I do not mind though because it is worth the money when I do not have to leave the house.”

Amazon is one of the most used websites around the world. The website includes a prime feature where users pay $100 a year for free shipping and other premium benefits. This is useful because Amazon contains more items than a regular store which allows the shopper to browse an endless amount of options. This can be extremely helpful when stores run out of certain products.

In the study done by The Intelligence Group it was found that most millennials shop online in order to avoid seeing people in real life and give themselves more time to work on other things. Shopping online during the holiday season also allows many people to avoid the crowds that will inevitably be at many stores.