Thanksgiving has Actual Importance



A roasted turkey sits as the centerpiece of a Thanksgiving table. Photo courtesy of Tribune News Service.

Thanksgiving, it’s a time of joy and letting your family know how much you love them. Nowadays by the time Halloween is over the Christmas decorations start to erect in places like shopping malls, stores, restaurants, and even other houses. Even commercials are giving out “holiday deals” and “Christmas savings.”

People these days don’t even appreciate the holiday of Thanksgiving where we give thanks to those we love and care for, while Christmas is more of a ‘selfish’ holiday where people expect presents from someone and usually don’t show thanks.

“I like both holidays, but Thanksgiving is probably the one that brings the family together before Christmas.” said Chemistry teacher Karrie Frey.

The original Thanksgiving was celebrated to give thanks to a religious figure for providing communities with either a great harvest or for the creation of nature and life.

People these days still celebrate Thanksgiving for religious reasons but many others celebrate with other reasons in mind, from football to visiting relatives that are miles away. According to over 20-40 million people travel to see their relatives while over 10 million take to the skies.

“Thanksgiving is a day I can usually remember more than Christmas; cause the fact my long-distance relatives visit.” said Frey.

Thanksgiving is not just a transition holiday. People should not just skip around holidays, going straight from Halloween to Christmas is disrespectful to our ancestors and our culture.