Women’s March attendees support rights


Protestors gather in downtown Indianapolis on Jan. 21 to share their feelings about the Trump administration. Photo used with permission of Anika Rozeboom.

Madi Calvert, Editor-in-Chief

After the inauguration of President Donald Trump protests broke out around the country. One of largest and most publicized was the Women’s March. On Saturday, Jan. 21, thousands of people gathered to celebrate womens’ rights and act against the Trump administration.

The main march was centered in Washington, D.C., but other marches were organized by local volunteers so that those unable to travel could participate. In Indianapolis, attendees gathered in front of the State House for a rally before marching around downtown.

“The energy and kindness of the people around us made me more comfortable,” junior Anika Rozeboom said. “But one of the speakers who had us saying ‘we will not go back’ made me emotional, and close to tears. It was moving how many different types of women and men joined in this one cause.”

According to Fox59, thousands attended the March downtown. Though 7,500 officially registered to march, organizers and attendees believe there were even more people. Though it was titled the “Women’s March,” anyone was welcome to attend, regardless of age, sex or gender.

“From all of the little ones I saw, future generations, were definitely attracted,” Rozeboom said. “Little girls were wearing the pink hats holding signs and wearing female empowerment t-shirts. There were so many kids rallying.”

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