Students take the chance and fly away to Europe


The French exchange group visits the town Mulhouse in Alsace, France. Photo used with permission of Madame Jessica Geisinger.

Carolina Puga Mendoza , Photo Editor

Traveling around the world is something that many people try to do throughout their lives. For a year, French students have been waiting for their exchange student trip. This trip gave them the opportunity to practice the language they have been learning for years.

“I really love French, I really love cultures so I thought it would be cool to be able to meet a French person, so that really interested me and we had the opportunity to do so, so I decided to turn in an application,” senior Nate Orecchio said.

The France trip took place over spring break. It was organized by French teachers Jessica Geisinger and Dahnya Chop. Students from French III to AP French took ten days to travel around the country. They had a trip to Strasbourg and a  trip to Paris that included a walking tour of some tourist sites.

“[Going there meant] speaking French for a whole week, and it was a little overwhelming at first because you know, been immersed in a language where you are not as strong as English, it was a little intimidating, but after a couple of days it’s fine,” Orecchio said.

This trip costed about $1800 including food, a hotel and more. Information will be released next spring for the 2019 trip. For more information contact Madame Geisinger at [email protected] or Madame Chop at [email protected]