Tigers Celebrate Homecoming Court


Senior court member Hannah Flint takes her celebratory ride in a red Corvette on Sept. 22. Each member was designated their own car. Photo used with permission of Hannah Flint.

During halftime of the football game on Sept. 22, the homecoming court was announced in style. The winners rolled onto the track in Corvette from a local dealership, ready to accept their titles as homecoming prince, princess, king or queen.

After all members of the court got out of their cars and lined up on the track, seniors Jake Whalen and Kylie McMillan were announced homecoming king and queen. Photos and information on the king and queen can be found here.

Sophomore couple Sophie McGrath and Cameron O’Connor accepted the titles of prince and princess, ready to embrace the homecoming tradition.

“I think it makes people strive to have a kinder heart and become a better person so they can maybe win that title,” McGrath said.

McGrath felt a rush of emotions win she won the title. According to McGrath, being a member of the homecoming court makes her feel that she is seen in a positive light by her peers.

“I was thankful for everyone who voted for me, and incredibly excited,” McGrath said. “It lets me know that people think highly enough of me to deserve that title.”