City of Fishers and Santa’s Mailbox Deliver Holiday Spirit


Andrea Babb reviews a letter from Santa’s Mailbox on Nov. 17 at the Parks and Recreation Office. Photo by Sydney Greenwood.

Sydney Greenwood, Reporter

Santa Claus remains as popular as ever, with over one million letters sent to him every year, according to CNN.  Fishers has created its own tradition for children to send letters to Santa, called Santa’s Mailbox.

“It’s definitely something families and children around Fishers get excited about and embrace over the holidays,” said Fishers Marketing and Public Relations Director Kara Hall.

Santa’s Mailbox encourages kids to write letters to Santa, then place them in specially made mailboxes for Santa to receive.  What makes this program special is that Santa writes a letter back to the child.

“A lot of places have mailboxes that kids can deliver their letters to, but I don’t know any others that actually reply back,” Hall said.

This program not only allows the children to experience the holiday spirit, but Parks and Recreation members to smile as well.  According to Hall, it brings some magic into the office.

“Each letter is so unique,” Hayes said.  “We have older siblings writing for their younger siblings and each has a little different story to it.  There are so many that stand out, but each of them is unique in its own way.”

Letters to Santa must be placed in mailboxes at City Hall or the Parks and Recreation Office by Dec. 11.  For more information, visit this link to the City of Fishers website.