Decision on repealing net neutrality concerns citizens


Protestors in favor of net neutrality gather in the streets of San Francisco on Sep. 12. Photo used with permission of Credo Action.

Issues of net neutrality have sparked controversy throughout the country. It is defined as the principle that internet service providers have to treat all data on the internet the same. So, they cannot discriminate or charge differently based on the website, application, user or platform.

Because of these limits, the providers are not allowed to charge money, slow down connection of or block certain websites for people to acquire the online content.

Former President Barack Obama was a strong supporter of net neutrality and believed the companies saying they should be the gatekeepers of the internet, should not be allowed to do so.

Two years after his election, the Federal Communications Commission introduced protection of net neutrality. However, it was not until six years later that the Federal Court agreed to uphold this strong net neutrality decision.

On Dec. 14, the FCC will vote to repeal the net neutrality protection set forth by Obama. President Trump has ruled in favor of repealing the type of free internet use with which we are accustomed.

Junior Taylor Boldevich has a very strong opinion on the decision to repeal the country’s free internet usage.

“I believe net neutrality is very important to have because the internet is a place where people come together to create content and it should not be perverted by companies trying to pull money from people,”  Boldevich said.

The FCC has received a lot of backlash for their decision, according to Huffington Post. Protests will be taking place around the world on Dec. 7 outside of Verizon retail stores. Citizens have been sending letters to their senators, calling their congressmen, and posting on social media.

“Information should not be restrained from people just because they cannot afford to pay an insane amount of money,” Boldevich said.

Students can visit this website to learn about the effects of the net neutrality decision and what it could mean for the country.