K-POP flares in popularity


A K-Pop breakdancer from California, where K-Pop has seen its most prevalent rise, practices his moves. Photo used with permission of Tribune News Service.

Sawyer Osmun, Reporter

From Korean pop artists such as SHINee, to Girls’ Generation, EXO and many more inspired K-Pop Club president senior Anne McCarthy to help people to discover Korean pop music and culture.


Ten of the club members come in to discuss pop culture and listen and dance to popular Korean music in club meetings. Senior club member Heather Chang created and choreographed a dance group. The group practices almost everyday and performed at the Fishers Got Talent show for Student Choice Day.


“It allows students a place to talk about the music they enjoy, which can be important because in the past, kpop was not as popular internationally and it was looked more down on before, especially when people are a little more closed minded to the idea that something that’s not American could be good,” McCarthy said.


K-Pop has become more prevalent in the US. For example, the Korean Pop group BTS won the media award at the Billabong Music Awards. Since its rise, more students students to join a club to spread their love of Korean pop culture with one another.


Kpop club meets every other week from 3:00-4:00 in club sponsor and english teacher Kristin Marr’s room, B229. Students play games such as “Guess The Song,” “Word Scrambles,” and a game called “3, 6, 9.” Students also dance, listen to music, and watch Korean music videos or TV shows.


“I am just extensively busy all the time, but I do hope whoever takes over when I leave high school can do more with the club because right now I am preoccupied with school and college,” McCarthy said. “I hope Heather’s dance group continues to perform and maybe go beyond Fishers Got Talent, and I hope that people can just enjoy their time in the club.


For more information about Korean Pop Club, contact club sponsor and english teacher Kristin Marr here.