FHS adds sushi to menu

FHS adds sushi to menu

Rebekah Shultz, Guest Writer

By Rebekah Shultz, guest writer

The restaurant owner of Sushi Boss met with a school about selling his sushi to them when he had an idea to reach out to all schools around the central Indiana area.

“We feature local, fresh and natural ingredients on our menu,” the Sushi Boss website says.

Sushi Boss, the restaurant that sells the sushi to FHS, has been selling their sushi to high schools in central Indiana for about three years. When FHS heard about this,
they contacted Sushi Boss with the purpose of incorporating sushi into their menu. The restaurant also sells sushi to high schools like HSE, Zionsville and Carmel.

FHS buys products such as the California roll crunchy roll, greenhouse roll, kamikaze roll, spicy California roll and wasabi almond crunch roll. There are ten pieces in the meal at a cost of $6.50. At restaurants, this costs $8.50.

“We sell our sushi at wholesale price to the schools,” a Sushi Boss manager said.

Freshman Molly Venus gets sushi every Wednesday, and she said she looks forward to sushi during the week.

“I think sushi is worth it; it’s a little expensive, but it tastes good,” Venus said.

Both high schools in the HSE district seem to enjoy the freshly made sushi.

“I love how the school added sushi to the menu while still making it tasty and healthy at the same time,” HSE freshman Danielle Blanco said.

Blanco also said that because of the sushi on Wednesdays, it makes the cafeteria lines busier.

“The sushi sold in the cafeteria is really good and always makes it so I want to come back for more,” freshman Taylor Ingram said.