Fishers Sports Network turns attention to spring sports


Chris Laplante calls a girls basketball game for Fishers Sports Network against Mooresville on Nov. 29. Photo by Nya Thornton.

Fishers Sports Network prepares to transition from the winter sports season and enter the world of spring competition. While the first semester of FSN sports coverage is dominated by football games, the broadcast network manages to cover the array of sports that FHS provides. Sophomore Michael Brunt currently participates as a second-year broadcaster.

“We broadcast most of the sports at FHS and some close road games,” Brunt said. “We have two commentators on the game, a camera worker, and a sound and audio person at each game.”

With sporting events occurring many times a week after school, the broadcasting network does their best to cover all the sports they can. The network will cover 65 live events over the course of the school year. With winter sports coming to an end and spring sports just about to begin, the focus for FSN has to shift in order to accommodate different sports.

“In the second semester, we will focus on baseball and softball,” Brunt said. “We will do some track and lacrosse as well.”

FSN was originally created in 2015 by Sam Neidermann, Alex Brown and Mike Folta, who were seniors at the time. The mission of these students was to create a sports network for the school that gave in-depth coverage of what was happening in front of them, providing live broadcasts that can be streamed from the FHS athletic website.

As the end of the school year approaches, the network will open the door for future broadcasters for school years to come. Brunt reports that FSN holds meetings and other events where students can come and learn about the network.  These events typically take place at the beginning of every school year.  As of right now, FSN looks to finish the year off strong with spring sports broadcasting.