Model United Nations delegates prepare to send veterans to Vanderbilt


Photo used with permisison of Hendrik Wohlfahrt.

Model United Nations members from a school in Germany attend a meeting. Delegates in the committee either use nameplates or small flags to represent which country they speak for in the committee chamber.

Olivia Buchtenkirk, Reporter

Model UN is a club led by students that choose or get assigned a country to represent and must act out different topics as their country would in real life. They debate and discuss topics from types of fruit all the way to ethical torture.

While attending the club sponsored by teachers Jennifer Gabbard and Jenna Pritchard they try to make the club be as realistic and authentic as possible For example, students get thirty seconds to state their opinion on the topic and must yield their time to the chair when they’re done or thirty seconds is up. Students can choose how long they want to talk about the topic and discuss together.

Jenna Campbell a junior at Fishers high school is one of the students that leads the club this year.

“The year has started off nicely,” Campbell said. “We have been prepping to send veteran members to the Vanderbilt University conference after fall break, as well as teaching new members parliamentary procedure. We like to incorporate activities, like Kahoot, to help solidify their understanding of procedure. We’re excited to see where this year is gonna go and we always welcome anyone who wants to join.”

The club meets every Tuesday after school from 3:00 PM to 4:00 PM in the LGI room.