Freshman advocate leads Muslim Student Association


Photo used with permission of Mustafaa Munir.

Worshippers gather at the Al-Huda Foundation, the mosque that the majority of of Muslims in Fishers use.

John Yun, Features Editor

Vibrant colors from hijabs and the strong aromas of Pakistani food filled the air as the Muslim Student Association (MSA) met for the first time on Monday, Sept. 24 in room B230. The MSA was founded by freshman Tahaa Munir. He founded this club to show non-Muslims what Islam is in general and who Muslim people are.

“Not many people in the U.S. personally know anyone of the Muslim faith,” Munir said. “I think that everyone should at least know one Muslim so that they might get to know us better.”

Sixty percent of Muslims said that coverage of Islam by American news organizations is unfair, according to the PEW Research Center. The MSA are planning to spread their ideas and faith via organized meetings, open houses and invitations to their mosque.

“I want to inform students of the Muslim faith because the things they read off the internet may be creating narratives that may not be true,” Munir said.

Junior Mustafaa Munir, Tahaa’s older brother, also attends the club and believes that this club allows people to come together as one of the same religion: Islam.

“This club is significant because it allows the opportunity for students who share a common religion to talk about any issues, much like existing clubs,” Mustafaa said.

The MSA invites students of all races and faiths to attend their meetings. All are welcome to learn of their faith and enjoy their cultural foods from all different areas of the Middle East with them. Their next meeting will be in B230 on Monday, Oct. 8 after school.

“You don’t have to be a Muslim to come to a meeting, so don’t feel unwelcome because of that,” Tahaa said. “If you do come, you will learn many things about a faith that you may have no prior knowledge of. You can hear what we do during the Holy Month of Ramadan, Friday prayers, and holy pilgrimages to Mecca.”