Key Club president expands family legacy


Photo used with permission of Jason Nguyen.

Co-presidents junior Rachel Lee and senior Jason Nguyen promote Key Club at the club fair on Aug. 27.

Ellie Albin, Sports Editor

Hours of volunteering for the betterment of the school and city embodies the primary goal of the Key Club, which is a national organization for community service. The FHS chapter of the club sports over 100 members, led by co-presidents senior Jason Nguyen and junior Rachel Lee.

Key Club accepts anyone who wants to join, but certain requirements must be met to maintain membership in the club. In order to be considered a member, someone must attend eight meetings and complete 10 service hours by the end of the year. Service opportunities are abundant for those seeking service hours.

“People volunteer the most at Conner Prairie and school events like ‘All Treats, No Tricks’ and the club fair,” Nguyen said.

The club anticipates becoming more involved with other clubs in the school this year. For example, the club is already working closely with the Animal Adoption Rescue Club to find more volunteer opportunities that students are passionate about.

Passion for service is only one of the reasons Nguyen and Lee joined Key Club. For this year’s co-presidents, the club encompasses special meaning for both of them. Not only is it a way to serve the community, but it offers a way for Nguyen to share a special connection with his family members.

“I knew about Key Club in second grade,” Nguyen said. “My sisters were presidents of Key Club as well. I just wanted to continue on the tradition of being president of Key Club.”

Nguyen gained the title of secretary during his sophomore year, and he has served as president for the past two years. Lee, on the other hand, is participating in her first year in the co-presidential role. However, the role is just as special to Lee as it is to Nguyen.

“I joined Key Club because I saw it as an opportunity to meet new people and become more involved with the community through volunteering,” Lee said. “The meetings are always so fun and upbeat, and it works with a busy schedule, so it’s never stressful.”

The club will hold its next meeting on Sept. 26 to discuss volunteer opportunities in the community.